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* Easter * Christmas

We supply top quality artificial Christmas Trees.

Supplied and decorated by C.C.Planters in either Red & Gold or Blue & Silver complete with PAT tested white twinkle LED lights.

Delivered early December and collected early January.

  • Take the stress and hassle out of your Christmas. Let us install and decorate your tree and clear it away afterwards. Whilst you continue uninterrupted with your business.
  • Artificial trees don’t sag or droop; they look great during the whole festive season.
  • Artificial trees won’t leak sap to stain your carpets and flooring.
  • Artificial trees don’t contain bugs, spiders and the lady birds which trees direct from the forest do.
  • Artificial trees look symmetrical from every angle.
  • No needle drop. Pine needles embed themselves into carpets which can be very difficult to remove.

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Please indicate your requirements by 15th November to ensure availability.