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Artificial Displays

We offer a range of plant displays using artificial greenery.

Most interior environments benefit from some type of living plant display.

Plant displays really make a difference. Good plant displays will look aesthetically pleasing; they can make a real design statement and can improve your company image.

Special techniques are used to graft high quality silk and polyester foliage onto natural and preserved stems. Trees, palms, Shrubs and Ivy’s etc. are produced which are almost indistinguishable from living specimens.

This may be suitable for you due to:
  • Poor light conditions.
  • Fluctuating temperatures which would not support living plants.
  • You would prefer not to have regular maintenance visits.

Service and fireproofing
Interior artificial displays used in business environments must be fireproofed. We can arrange to clean and dust your displays and re-fireproof them at agreed intervals.

Contact us to discuss your needs.